3 Habits of Insanely Productive content creators

Hi Friends and welcome back to the channel. If you’re new here my name is Bram van Houtum and I help brands become heroes on Instagram. In today’s video, I want to talk about productivity. 3 Habits of Insanely Productive content creators Maybe you are just like me… my attention span has always been shorter […]

How to Manage Your Social Media Like a Boss

These 5 apps have helped me grow my audience on Instagram to over 2,700,000 people Do you want to take your photo editing skills to the next level? Create stylish stories? And even edit/crop/add music to videos right from our phone? Then you might be interested in watching today’s video where I will highlight the […]

? My Proven IGTV Strategy How to Get 1 Million Views – Even If Your Account Is a Disaster Right Now

Gain 100 followers a day with IGTV The 8 Step Strategy to Getting 1 Million Views on IGTV You might wonder at this moment:   is Instagram a bad place to grow your audience in 2020?   No, Instagram is not a bad place to grow an audience.   And yes, there are ways to […]

Is Kim Kardashian an “influencer”?

In this short video, I want to talk about influencers, and if we use the term correctly. When you ask any random person to name 3 influencers they most likely will say: ✅Kim Kardashian ✅Kylie Jenner ✅Or any other celebrity Don’t get me wrong, they all have their own awesome talents, but honestly, I don’t […]